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    CONTRACTOR feedback from previous editions

    CONTRACTOR 2015 is at the third edition and during the time had great speakers, well known professionals that work at an international level: Daniel Tardy, President of the International Confederation of Associations of Contractors; Duccio Astaldi, President of European International Contractors; Kevin Sheridan, President of the European Association of Building Inspectors and Experts – UK; Fernando Branco, President of the European Association of Engineers and Vice President of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering – Greece; Dominique Lancrenon, President of the European Council of Urban Planners; Koen Coppenholle, President CEMBUREAU- European Cement Association – Belgium.

    Fernando Branco

    President of the European Council of Civil Engineers

    CONTRACTOR is an important communication experience among manufacturers. We must build on the principle of continuous investing in quality and innovation in order to become better and to be different.

    Duccio Astaldi

    President of European International Contractors

    Expo Conference CONTRACTOR 2013 offered a great opportunity for a better understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the construction market in Eastern Europe and Romania.

    Dominique Lancrenon

    President of the European Council of Urban Planners

    I understood at the CONTRACTOR how important is to demonstrate professional ethics in a time where politicians seem to be busy with their internal discussions.

    Ing. Gianni BOTTEON


    The projects we have in Romania are going well, they are all important in the transportation and construction in Eastern Europe, we are present in all the countries in Eastern Europe, doing projects that will be part of the trans-European corridors. Generally speaking I see now that all that we designed a few years ago is under construction and we, Salini Impregilo, are part of this construction. Especially now, for the project that we are presenting, we are very involved to explain the project to a lot of people, not necessarily to contractors or architects. The biggest project that is going on in the Mediterranean area is very important for Greece, it is the only work that is being done in Greece at the moment.

    Arch. Stefano LOASSES


    Anyone who spoke at the debate told something interesting and true for him, but the reality is that every project, every country, have different rules, so it’s not possible to have a unique rule for every project. As we are a big company, we perfectly know that in any project we must first know exactly who is the client. We need to adapt our capacity to this necessity. Regarding sustainability, I think that it’s the same issue. In Europe, it’s something different than in Africa, for example. Everything that was said in the debate was true, but there is no real, universal truth.

    Arch. Maria Cristina ANGELERI


    For sure there is a new role, but it’s different, because the architects sometimes, like us, work in a big company for construction and civil engineering, you have to combine this with the necessity of the company, as was discussed at the debate. I worked a long time at the university, and I think you have to start at this level. You have to understand that you have to build in another way, with a new rule. These rules are sometimes against the profit of the company. We are the leader in our sector, and it’s a very good project for the population, for the country.

    Magdalena STACHOWSKA


    We are a small group, an international group with headquarters in Prague. I’m from Poland but I’m responsible for four countries, apart from Czech, Poland, Slovakia, and this year in Romania. As we are trying to introduce some solutions which we know from other countries of our activity, we decided to introduce them to Romania, through this conference. We are satisfied to be here, we can also network a bit with architects here, with other companies in the field. It’s quite an interesting program.

    Rolf WIELEBA


    For me it’s the second time I’ve joined the conference. It’s amazing that a lot of people are joining this conference in Bucharest. It’s a very good platform to share experience, information, but also the latest developments. We are very happy to be here and to get in contact with the different stakeholders.

    Ramona COSTAŞ


    It’s out first participation in such an exhibition, I don’t have a term to compare the present exhibition with, we are hoping for more interest from the part of the public in our products, but I suppose they are influenced by the financial and economical situation of all over the world, because constructions aren’t going very well. If they are using other projects for a long time, they are not open to switching to something new.

    Michal ŠUSTR


    I think that for us, for a company that is practically starting on the Romanian market, this event is hopeful. It will help us to get the first contacts, to present our products.

    Ing Israel DAVID


    It was very interesting to me because I have been working in Romania for 20 years, from Israel, I was very excited to come and made a presentation here. I made a comprehensive overview of what is happening in Israel in the field of construction and what happens in Romania. I am working in 24 countries, but the workers from Romania and the Romanian manufacturers I believe are the best. The problems are economic, there should be a motivation to build. You build on economic demands and we know that from 2009 to today you are in a financial crisis that affects everyone in the industry, except us in Israel as since 2009 have had even more activity in construction.

    Ing. Radu MOŞTEANU


    It is a very interesting conference because construction companies can meet the architects who can prescribe our products in their specifications, in their projects.

    Alex LUPEA


    From the start, I was surprised by the participants, I expected less people than have come until now. There are a lot of specialists, architects, asking about our products. We have new products and for the first time they can see this kind of products here. There are a lot of products not producing here in Romania but we can bring them from the Group and there was a very good impression about that. It’s a good experience, we have a presentation about our products, our company, the trends in 2015.

    Ovidiu RUS


    It’s very nice, it’s very good organized, we have been partners with ABplus for some time and everything is ok.