• Arch. Răzvan BÂRSAN

    Guest Speaker at CONTRACTOR conference, Wigwam
    Founder Wigwam, Founder Razvan Barsan + Partners

    PROJECT: Freelo, Romania’s and Eastern Europe’s first integrated entertainment resort that offers unique experiences: indoor skydiving, indoor surf and a spot on relaxation area.

    AWARDS: 3rd time winner World Architecture Awards - 2010, 2011, 2015 editions: 2010 WORLD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS (first place, honorary members of the jury); 2011 WORLD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS (first place, members of the public); 2015 WORLD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS (first place, honorary members of the jury)

    Razvan Barsan + Partners is an award winning architecture and design practice, whose long standing values concentrate on excellence, consistency, communication and efficiency. The office is addressing an educated public that acknowledges the architect`s role in today`s society and quality of living.

    Razvan Barsan is the architect who founded RB+P more than 13 years ago. Throughout the years, his dedication inspired a vibrant team of professionals to surpass their limits with each project.
    All of the creations of the office express the belief that architecture should occur at the intersection between imagination, aesthetics and utility, as well as social and environmental responsibility.

    Their work aims to have a positive impact not only in the lives of our clients, but also in the quality of our cities and communities. The members of the office seek to imagine meaningful places that have the power to create emotions and to bring people together.

    Each project is a team effort that implies a close collaboration between architects, urban planners, designers, engineers and professionals from related fields. They envision architecture as a platform of interaction and negotiation that links clients, planners, technicians, contractors and manufacturers. By applying the highest standards of quality and work ethics the office is able to ensure the durability and value of our designs, characterized by attention to details, by their ability to emphasize the natural and the built environment, as well as their capacity to be flexible and to meet the clients` needs”, say the representatives of the team.